This is one of the ads to promote Eurobasket. It depicts a woman, pregnant with a basketball. No doubt such ad wouldn’t depict a man, replacing his body parts with the ball, even if the analogy with would fit better.

The reason why is because men’s bodies aren’t commodified - used and objectified to such a big extent only to make a point, draw attention or sell something. The ad is sexist, objectifying and tasteless.

Woman on the ad isn’t fully shown, we don’t see her face. That would confront a viewers who would then have to recognize her as an actual person, not a faceless prototype of pregnant woman. The log line next to the image reads: Expecting European championship in basketball

It’s yet another example of commodifying female bodies in advertising in calling it creativity. It contributes to general disrespect towards women in the society and spreads sexist ideas as if they would be perfectly acceptable.

The photo was taken in Slovenia in September 2013.